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Lash Disasters!
Many untrained people watch a video then attempt to apply eyelash extensions with limited knowledge. It takes extensive training and years of practice to apply a beautiful, lush set of eyelash extensions that will last and not damage natural lashes. Clients come to me for help because they were victims of bad lash application. Here are some examples.
These photos are just a few examples of the damage caused by untrained, inexperienced, would be, lash technicians. Please ladies (and gentlemen) do your research. If your lash extensions hurt, itch or look like any of these pictures only have ONE pair of eyes. 
Quality always costs more, because expertly applied, durable, gorgeous lashes that don't cause damage to your eyes or natural lashes are worth it!
Training and certification are a must for anyone doing eyelash extensions. Even some certified lash stylists get sloppy and cut corners. They never count on another lash professional seeing their work. To master any craft, continuing education is essential. 
Take a look at the lash stylists' photo gallery and study the lash pictures. If you see a lot of glue at the base of the lashes, crisscrossing lashes, twisting lashes, clumped together lashes, thin application, or lashes that are stuck to close to the eyelid, rethink your choice of lash stylist.