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"Why have lash extensions gained such popularity?
Lash extensions are popular now because they are relatively low maintenance, providing they are refilled when natural eyelashes cycle out. Imagine waking up and looking like you have the most lush lashes framing your eyes. Many women love the effortless beauty that lash extensions give them. There is no more rubbing mascara off at night, no more application of clumpy mascara, no need to apply false lashes every day and no concern that at the end of the day they have "raccoon eyes" from regular mascara or flaking from waterproof mascara. They are so beautiful, if they are applied properly,  that there is no reason to tell anyone that they aren't yours!

"How long should Eyelash Extensions last?"
Lash extensions last indefinitely if the are properly applied by a skilled Lash Stylist. They must be refilled every 2 to 4 weeks because as your natural lashes grow and cycle out the lash extensions need to be replaced. You should never feel the eyelash extensions pricking your eyelid or itching. In fact, you should never "feel" them at all. If your eyes are sensitive, adhesive for sensitive eyes will be used. Natural eyelashes go though a 3 part growth cycle then shed one by one because each natural eyelash grows at a different rate. Be sure to get your lashes refilled regularly. With all the compliments you will be receiving you'll want to keep them lush and beautiful!

"Can I use mascara or liquid eyeliner when I have lash extensions?"
Not recommended, but if you must wear it make sure it is NOT waterproof liner or mascara. *
If your lash stylist applies enough eyelash extensions you really won't need it. If you are between appointments and want to make the existing extensions look fuller, then a water soluble eyeliner pen or gel and water soluble mascara are your best options. Keep your eyelash extensions clean and free of make-up when retiring for the evening. Skin cells, oil and bacteria can build up over time and you must cleanse your eyelids and lashes! Your beautiful eyelash extensions will last much longer when the bond is not compromised by oil and debris.
Note: * If you decide to wear mascara on your eyelash extensions, they will need to be refilled more frequently.
Frequently asked questions about Eyelash Extensions