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          SPA CENTRAL
             499 C Suite 17
           Baltimore, Maryland
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        Jennifer Fitzpatrick
         Master Lash Stylist
              Makeup Artist
           Licensed Esthetician
         Reiki Master Practitioner
Copyright © 2006- 2017  Lashmajick :: All Rights Reserved 
 "Lashes Are Beautiful And Beauty Is Power" 
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                                 Your Secret Weapon is The Lashes of Your Dreams!
You want lashes that look like you grew them, where you can't see any glue or point of attachment? Lashmajick eyelash extensions are so gorgeous yet they never harm your natural lashes. You will barely know that they are there because they are weightless. In fact, they can actually encourage your natural eyelashes to GROW. When you have eyelash extensions, there is no need to wear or remove mascara by rubbing which can cause natural lash breakage. Jennifer makes eyelash extensions look so authentic that they are undetectable even when they are dramatic. Her clients want "instant pretty" and beautiful eyelash extensions give them that effortlessly, pulled together look. Her brand has stood the test of time since 2006 because Lashmajick means experience, technique, artistry, and elegance.
                              Volume Lashes
"My passion for doing the perfect set of lashes for every client is what compels me. I strive to set the highest standard for the eyelash industry. Lashmajick eyelash extensions are beautiful and beauty is power...think of them as your secret weapon!"
---Jennifer Fitzpatrick (c) 2017
                Keratin Lash Lift 
A keratin lash lift is a procedure that utilizes solutions to lift and curl the natural eyelashes for 6 to 8 weeks. If you have straight lashes or lashes that just won't hold a curl, then this is the treatment for you! With a keratin lash lift, manual eyelash curlers are no longer necessary. A lash lift and tint will make your natural lashes appear longer and darker without mascara. Swim, sauna and workout while looking  gorgeous! 
Now who doesn't want that?
Imagine that one classic eyelash extension is split into 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc. thinner diameter lashes, creating a very lightweight fan that is secured to one single natural lash. when many more fans are added to the lash line this gives the appearance that the lash set is denser and fluffier with no damage to the natural lashes. Beautiful Volume lashes can be achieved with proper training and a LOT of practice. The right amount of adhesive should be used along with the proper technique. Volume lashes do cost more because it involves more skill and time to achieve this luxurious look.
BEWARE:  Many people use the term  "volume lashes" now without doing authentic volume eyelash extensions.  Stacking classic lashes on top of each other and calling it "fluffy volume" does not make it so.  Volume lashes should be very soft and fluffy and last longer than classic lashes. They are suitable for every face and eye shape because there are so many different styling options available. 
 So go ahead...let Lashmajick turn up the Volume!
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