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          SPA CENTRAL
             499 C Suite 17
           Baltimore, Maryland
               By Appointment Only

        Jennifer Fitzpatrick
         Master Lash Stylist
              Makeup Artist
           Licensed Esthetician
         Reiki Master Practitioner
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 "Lashes Are Beautiful And Beauty Is Power" 
Eyelash extensions originated in 1916 as "lash tabbing". The adhesive was not durable enough to last more than a day, so they were only used in Hollywood. Now, because of advanced technology, Novalash's patented Platinum Bond and Sensitive, fume free adhesives make it possible for eyelash extensions to last much longer. These premium cyanoacrylate adhesives contain no formaldehyde and have superior retention. Because of this, it's not just celebrities and movie stars that enjoy the benefit of eyelash extensions. You too can enjoy this luxury service! 
Note: Eyelash extensions shed as the natural eyelashes cycle out, so lash refill appointments are necessary.
Jennifer makes eyelash extensions look so authentic that they are undetectable. Her client base, comprised mostly of professional women, don't want dramatic lashes for everyday. They want "instant pretty" and beautiful lashes give them an effortlessly pulled together look.
Eyelash extensions are everywhere but a lash stylist must have an extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the eyes, contraindications, supplies used, different techniques and artistry. Jennifer has mastered the lash extension application technique and has even invented some of her own trade secrets. 
While she can achieve various dramatic looks, using the Volume Lashing technique, this look is gorgeous for special occasions, models, brides and people in the fashion and entertainment industry. Though she travels periodically, Jennifer works primarily in Baltimore.
True Volume Lashing requires skill, precision and time. On a daily basis, this look is not usually practical or sustainable.
Three years ago Jennifer changed the name of her company from DCLashQueen to Lashmajick because she no longer works, exclusively in Washington, D.C. Her brand has stood the test of time since 2006 Lashmajick means technique, artistry, elegance and experience.
Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Owner of
                                        A Brief History of Eyelash Extensions
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"My passion for doing the perfect set of lashes for every client is what compels me. I strive to set the highest standard for the eyelash industry. Lashmajick eyelash extensions are beautiful and beauty is power. Think of them as your secret weapon!"---Jennifer Fitzpatrick
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